Bullmer, one of the three biggest automatic cutting system suppliers.

Company profileBullmerwas founded in 1933. As a famous automatic cutting systemsupplier in the world, it enjoys the high reputation of “Mercedes-Benz”in CAM industry. Bullmer is headquartered in Mehrstetten whichis quite close to the European technological frontier base Stuttgart. Itprovides automated cutting solutions for over 8,000 customers fro ...>>


Over 8000 customers spread over 60 countries, covering garment, furniture, toy, bag, automotive, aerospace, airship, boats, composites, and textile technology industries, etc.


Bullmer provide a solution series include automatic fabric loader, automatic spreader, automatic labeler, automatic cutter and other cutting equipment for apparel, automotive, aerospace and other industries, with high-precision technology, German quality and exclusive custom solution, which will be your best choice.


Bullmer is committed to providing high standards service and support to all over the world. We will fully cooperate with customers to solve any machine problems, and organize regular telephone visit to track the customer’s production situation and solve any problem with experienced solutions.
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